Winter Pride Maspalomas organisor ProGay stands against discrimination, prejudice and hate, and for diversity. By raising awareness on the rights of LGBTI people, we’re showing the world that no matter whom we love or who we are, everyone should enjoy the same rights.


8 - 14 November 2021

We are all different...
so we are all the same!

Visit one of Europe´s most popular Pride celebrations and join Winter Pride Maspalomas at your favourite gay destination Gran Canaria. The 7th edition promises to be better than ever before.

Organisor ProGay has put itself the objective to compensate the loss of 2020 and double the pleasure for 2021!

Book your flights, hotel and event ticket as soon as possible before hotels are full or events will be sold out!

The 2021 Programme

The 2021 Artists

Johnny Logan 🇮🇪

Thursday 11

N-Trance 🇬🇧

Sunday 14

Tara McDonald 🇬🇧

Saturday 13

Cristina Ramos 🇪🇸

Friday 12

Sharon Doorson 🇳🇱

Saturday 13

La Voix 🇬🇧

Wednesday 10

Amanda Wilson 🇬🇧

Thursday 11

Faye Ferry 🇳🇱

Sunday 14

Soraya Vivian 🇬🇧

Tuesday 9 & Host

Allan Jay 🇬🇧

Saturday 13

Dácil Suarez 🇪🇸

Sunday 14

Jenny Ball 🇬🇧

Saturday 13

Ultima Llave 🇪🇸

Tuesday 9

Daniel Schuhmacher 🇩🇪

Thursday 11

Los Salvapantallas 🇪🇸

Monday 8

Gio Box 🇮🇹

Saturday 13

Eugene from Garbo´s 🇪🇸

Friday 12

The Dolly Show 🇬🇧

Wednesday 10

Elías Uche 🇪🇸

Thursday 11

Celia Jimenez 🇪🇸

Wednesday 10

Rainbow Gospel Choir 🇪🇸

Mon 8 & Fri 12

Rubén Dizá 🇪🇸

Friday 12

Neo Pinto 🇪🇸

Viernes 12

High Heels 🇪🇸

Dance Team

PK80 🇪🇸

Various events

Diva Mayday 🇳🇱

Various events

Sharon O´Love 🇬🇧

Various events

Ross Alexander 🇬🇧

Various events

Trojan 🇬🇧

Various events

Roberto Herrera 🇪🇸


Winter Pride 2021 Tickets

Your ticket purchase for amazing experiences will contribute to pay for the high cost of organisation and will guarantee the future of Winter Pride.

Live Shows: There are event restrictions set by the Canarian government. Therefore you need to be seated and there will be no dance floor. The main stage area will be filled with picnic tables from which you can enjoy the live shows. Gates will be open as from 20:00 and the show will finish at 24:00. Guarantee your presence at the live shows and reserve your spot. The reservation includes 1 drink and 1 reusable cup per night and free toilets. (Access to the Yumbo Centre remains open and free.)

The included drink is only valid for the corresponding night, not for other nights. Valid for soft drink, beer, wine, mix drink. Mix drink + Red Bull or cocktail +1,50€ to be paid at the bar.

If any of our ticketed events are unable to take place due to COVID-19 restrictions, your tickets can be refunded or moved to 2022.

We accept the following payment options:

Wall of Pride

Support Winter Pride and buy your space on our Wall of Pride with a photo of your choice. Your photo will be displayed in the Yumbo, for 10 days, on a huge “Wall of Pride”! On top of that it will be shown on the LED screen on the Main Stage at certain moments. Surprise your partner, friends, colleague or yourself with a great gesture!

The higher the amount, the larger your photo will show on the Wall of Pride. If you wish you can give more than 35€ for the largest size 🙏🏽

Limited availability. No business adverts accepted.

Sorry! The banners have been sent to print…no more photos can be placed on the Wall of Pride. Due the succes it will return in 2022!

Hotel Bookings

Support Winter Pride and start your hotel reservation from our website. will donate a small percentage of each reservation to the Winter Pride organisation. Thank you!

Preferred Hotel Supplier

Abora Buenaventura


Abora Continental


Abora Catarina


Hotel Villa del Conde


Baobab Resort


Hotel Costa Meloneras


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