The Ultimate Anniversary Edition VIP Experience

This year's VIP Lounge is set to surpass expectations with its enhanced quality and exclusivity! Picture yourself in a luxurious setting, complete with a champagne bar and a nightly selection of complimentary gourmet bites.

The lounge's ambiance will be further elevated with tasteful intimate decorations, comfortable seating and exclusive VIP restroom facilities.

Adding to the allure, all artists will be invited to the VIP Lounge. Each night, our dynamic dance team and charismatic drag queens will make special appearances to mingle with guests before taking the stage. With very limited space available, this is an exclusive experience not to be missed.

NEW! Introducing the Premium VIP Private Skybox

The Pinnacle of Luxury and Exclusivity! Nestled in the VIP Lounge, this private space offers an unparalleled VIP experience. It features your own dedicated bar and personal waiter ensuring your evening is seamless and exquisite. Enjoy the live show in comfort with sofas and seating and enjoy a selection of high-quality sushi pieces. Including two bottles of the finest Moët & Chandon Champagne and two bottles of liquor from our select range, accompanied by an array of soft drinks and Red Bull.

Elevate your evening with an exclusive guided backstage tour with a meet-and-greet with the artists performing that night, offering an intimate and unforgettable interaction. Reserve the Premium VIP Private Skybox now for an extraordinary night of luxury, exclusivity and unforgettable moments. Price is for maximum 8 persons.

  • Private Space on VIP Lounge
  • Dedicated bar and personal waiter
  • Sofas and seating
  • Selection of high-quality sushi
  • Exclusive guided backstage tour
  • 2 Bottles Moët & Chandon
  • 2 Bottles of liquor with soft drinks
  • Meet & Greet with artists
  • Maximum 8 persons