At Winter Pride, we are dedicated to fostering social actions and supporting local and international organizations that bring awareness to and provide assistance for the LGBTQ+ community. We firmly believe in the power of unity, inclusivity, and advocacy to create a world where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination.

Our primary mission is to create a safe and welcoming space where individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds can come together to celebrate diversity and promote equality. Through our events, campaigns and partnerships, we strive to educate, empower, and inspire positive change within society. We recognize the importance of supporting organizations that actively work to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. That is why we collaborate with various associations that provide vital resources, services, and support to those in need. By joining forces, we aim to amplify their impact and contribute to their ongoing efforts.

Winter Pride is more than just a celebration; it is a platform for raising awareness, igniting conversations, and driving social progress. We firmly believe that visibility and representation are key in challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive world for all. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are an ally, we invite you to join us on this journey of acceptance and understanding. Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time.

Winter Pride Maspalomas is dedicated to social responsibility and believes in promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities. We prioritize the hiring of external companies and personnel, including individuals with disabilities and those facing employment challenges. Our commitment extends to supporting victims of domestic violence, single parents, long-term unemployed individuals, and other vulnerable groups. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate and contribute to our events.

Winter Pride proudly supports Checkpoint Canarias, an association that was established in 2022 by a concerned group within the LGBTQ+ community. They recognized the lack of access to sexual health services, particularly in the southern region of Gran Canaria, and took action to address this crucial issue.

Registered in the Provincial Registry of Associations under number G1/S1/26183-22/GC, Checkpoint Canarias has set forth clear objectives to guide their work. Their primary focus is on promoting sexual health and ensuring easy access to sexual health care and testing services. Seeking funding to support these objectives is also a vital part of their mission.

To achieve their goals, Checkpoint Canarias engages in a range of tasks and activities. They conduct sexual health promotion and prevention campaigns, with a specific emphasis on reaching high-risk groups, particularly men who have sex with men (MSM). By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and recommendations in sexual health care, they strive to provide the most effective services and guidance.

Winter Pride proudly stands alongside Checkpoint Canarias in their mission, supporting their vision of inclusive sexual health care and working together to create a more supportive and informed society.

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At Queer Svit they help Ukrainian and also Russian and Belarusian queer people, affected by the Russian aggression, to relocate to safety. They provide consultations and financial aid to the LGBTQI+ and BAME people that otherwise would be left vulnerable to the war and/or political persecution and hate crimes. As of today, they have already helped around 140 people to escape danger and provided consultations to more than 1.000 people. Furthermore, they provide financial aid to Russian transgender women so that they can go before a medical commission needed to change their legal gender and thus eliminate the danger of being drafted into the Russian military.

Queer Svit is a queer-run independent team of volunteers from all over the world. With your support they help LGBTQ+ and BAME people affected by the war and/or political repressions get to safety by providing consultations, purchasing tickets, finding free accommodation and providing humanitarian aid.

‌‌Just like any other catastrophe, war affects the most those who are most vulnerable, including LGBTQ+ and BAME people while at the same time their troubles are often rendered invisible. But because their team comprises LGBTQ+ and BAME people they see the specific challenges the beneficiaries face and understand how to help them.

‌Your donations make a difference; Queer Svit is run in large part on small donations from individual donors. We are grateful for any and all help to continue our work — thank you!

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