MOBILE LOCKER provides WINTER PRIDE MASPALOMAS attendees with lockers of different sizes and prices to store their personal belongings and be able to recharge mobile devices safely (you must bring your USB cable). The Lockers will be located at the Main Stage Area in the Yumbo.

Size Interior
Door Size
Price per day
15x30x35 cm
9,5x19x32,5 cm
30x30x40 cm
24x20x32 cm
L + Deep
30x30x50 cm
24x20x42 cm
10 €
  • What is Mobile Locker?
    Mobile Locker is an automated service that offers you the possibility to rent Lockers for periods of 365 days a year between 1 and 365 calendar days at festivals or events or public locations.
  • What measures of Lockers does Mobile Locker offer?
    Mobile Locker offers different sizes of Lockers that you can check on the reservation page for each location or in the Mobile Lockers terminal itself.
  • How can I book?
    Reservations can be made in advance and will be valid from the moment you make it. It can also be done at the same festival or event.
  • What can I enter inside my Locker?
    You can enter all the packages that fit inside the rented Locker, with the exception of prohibited items. Remember that in Mobile Locker you pay per rented Locker, not per package, so you can enter all the packages that enter your Locker.
  • What is forbidden to store inside my Locker?
    All objects whose mere possession or traffic is illegal (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials or, in any way, degrading to the human being, etc.). Objects whose possession requires a license, without said license or authorization (such
    as weapons and/or ammunition). All types of material that is polluting or dangerous (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances). Animals of any kind or any other kind of living being. No food can be inserted into the Lockers, except in the case of packaged food that cannot spill, stain the Lockers or produce odors of any kind in the Mobile Locker premises.
  • Is my luggage insured?
    Mobile Locker is not responsible for objects deposited inside the lockers.
  • For how long can I rent a Locker?
    You can hire the Lockers rental service for a period of between 1 day and the duration of the festival or event.
  • When can I access the Locker that I have rented?
    The rental service of each Locker will be accessible during festival hours or in the case of lockers at fixed events every day of the week, 365 days a year.
  • Can mobile devices be charged in the lockers?
    Each locker has a plug to connect and charge a mobile device. Does not include the cable.
  • Once the packages have been inserted, can I access the Locker again?
    You can access the rented Locker as many times as you want or need during the Locker rental period. Therefore, if you have forgotten something, want to add more bags or need to access your Locker during the rented period, you can do it without problems.
  • What is the price I must pay for renting a Locker/day?
    The price per Locker will be the one indicated at the time of contracting, being able to benefit from the offers in force at any time. The prices that appear include VAT and refer to the rental of a Locker according to the size and duration.
  • How are the lockers used?
    Mobile Locker Lockers are fully automatic. You can make the reservation through our website or directly at the Mobile Locker terminal. Once the contract is completed, you will receive confirmation of the contract made, the Locker number. To open the Lockers you can choose to link a card or bracelet with an RFID chip or an alphanumeric code that you will enter at the time of contracting.
  • How can I recover my code?
    Contact the phone +34 668 50 50 20
  • I want to extend my reservation, how can I do it?
    Contact the phone +34 668 50 50 20
  • What can I do if I have an incident in the use of the Locker?
    In the event of a breakdown, blockage or any other type of incident in the use of the Locker, you have at your disposal the Mobile Locker assistance service, which you can use by calling +34 668 50 50 20 or send mail
  • Can I modify the reservation or withdraw from it?
    Yes, as long as said modification or withdrawal is made 24 hours before the date on which the service I have reserved begins.

Winter Pride and Isla Mundial SL are not responsible for using the locker service. Please contact Mobile Locker for questions and complaints by phone at +34 668 50 50 20 or By using Mobile Locker you accept the following conditions;:


  1. La reserva solo se considera completa después de que hayamos recibido el pago completo y usted haya recibido un correo electrónico de confirmación con los detalles de su reserva.
  2. Una reserva a través de nuestra infraestructura en línea da derecho a un casillero del tamaño elegido. Después de finalizar la compra, un casillero no se puede cambiar por otro tamaño/combinación de características.
  3. Las ventas se pueden reembolsar caso por caso poniéndose en contacto con nosotros y proporcionando los detalles de la reserva y el motivo de la cancelación.
  4. Los reembolsos solicitados después de 14 días de la fecha del pedido se considerarán no reembolsables por defecto.
  5. Las devoluciones de una reserva deben solicitarse antes de los 14 días de anticipación al evento contados a partir de la medianoche en la zona horaria respectiva del evento para el cual se solicitó la cancelación. Los reembolsos solicitados después de este plazo se considerarán inválidos.
  6. Los reembolsos solicitados siempre se considerarán reembolsos parciales. Se han pagado tarifas administrativas para iniciar su reserva y manejar el pago. Estos costos se considerarán cargo del usuario final y, por lo tanto, se restarán del monto del reembolso.
  7. El uso del casillero durante el tiempo reservado queda a discreción del usuario. No habrá reembolso alguno por los días de reserva no utilizados.
  8. 8. Nos reservamos el derecho de denegar la cancelación si la solicitud de reembolso no cumple con los requisitos previos establecidos anteriormente.


  1. The booking is only considered complete after we have received full payment and you have received a confirmation email with your booking details.
  2. A reservation through our online infrastructure entitles you to a locker of the chosen size. After checkout, a locker cannot be exchanged for another size/combination of features.
  3. Sales can be refunded on a case-by-case basis by contacting us and providing booking details and reason for cancellation.
  4. Refunds requested after 14 days of order date will be considered non-refundable by default.
  5. Refunds for a reservation must be requested no later than 14 days prior to the event starting at midnight in the respective time zone of the event for which the cancellation was requested. Refunds requested after this deadline will be considered invalid.
  6. Requested refunds will always be considered partial refunds. Administration fees have been paid to initiate your reservation and handle payment. These costs will be considered the end user’s charge and will therefore be subtracted from the refund amount.
  7. Use of the locker during the reserved time is at the discretion of the user. There will be no refund for unused reservation days.
  8. We reserve the right to deny cancellation if the refund request does not meet the prerequisites set out above.